The battle between The Diamond and The Highlight.

Saturday night UFC features the main event between Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier and Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje. Dustin Poirier is currently ranked 5th in the Lightweight division of the UFC. He’s 29 years old from Lafayette, LA and fights out of Coconut Creek, FL. His current professional fight record is 22-5-0 and 1 no contest. Poirier states that his first fight was in 2007. He has adopted a style of fighting using verbal, physical and mental tactics on his opponents. Poirier has won 9 of his last 12 fights as he comes into Saturday night’s main event following a win against Anthony Pettis in November of 2017. In striking his success rate is 67% successful while standing as he defends against 57% of blows in his direction. In grappling he has a 45% success rate and he defends against 67% of attempted takedowns.

The challenger on Saturday night is Justin Gaethje. Gaethje is a 29 year old fighter from Safford, AZ who fights out of Arvada, CO. He is currently ranked 6th in the Lightweight division as he faces Poirier for his position. He started fighting professionally in 2011 and his current fight record is 18-1-0. Gaethje utilizes his fighting style of Striking and wrestling to subdue his opponents. He will face Poirier on Saturday night following a loss against Eddie Alvarez in December of 2017. In striking he has an 81% success rate while standing and he is blocking 56% of blows in his direction. Although he is not a grappler he can avoid 60% of takedowns attempted on him.

What are the latest odds to win Saturday nights UFC matchup?

The latest odds on the fight favor Dustin Poirier -139. In early betting at least 64% of the bettors believe that Poirier will defeat Gaethje. Keep checking on for props and round options. is where the MMA action’s at:

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