2014 College Basketball Lines

If you want to make the most out of college basketball lines let us share with you something that has become apparent over the years at That is the individuals who make the most out of college basketball lines are the ones who use a betting bank along with a staking plan which will ensure that they will make more money that you probably ever thought possible.

Lets look into this a little bit further, the average bettor will place a bet depending on how much money they have got in their account, if their mindset is not right they will make mistakes with their betting, no two ways about it. Let;s say they have some funds available which is earmarked to pay for their sons football coaching. This is money that shouldn't be used for gambling so the bettor is not in the right state of mind, what happens then is they may get lucky but the chances are that they will make an ill informed betting decision with the obvious consequences as a result.

Now lets look at another example of someone who bets on college basketball lines in a completely different way. They have a betting bank in place, this needn't be a great deal of money but it is a sum that is not required for anything else. This immediately takes away any pressure and the result of this can really be quite extraordinary.

Add to the betting bank a staking plan which takes advantage of college basketball lines, the most common staking plan and one of the most successful is to use a set percentage of the bank on each bet that is made. We are not talking a big percentage here, around 5% is just about right but this means that if the bettor is on a winning streak the size of the bets will increase, if they are on a losing streak the size of the bets will decrease. If a good selection process is in place to take advantage of the college basketball lines the bank can grow extremely quickly and this is from our experience one of the best way to make a solid income from your online betting activities.

Even though most people believe that to actually make any money from online gambling is nothing more than a pipe dream we can tell you that many of our customers at are having a great time and this means that they are extremely successful. If you are someone who has an interest in obtaining the best college basketball lines and placing bets in a thought out and careful manner, you just might surprise yourself by the mount of success that you will be able tom enjoy.

There is no rush, take it nice and easy, don't listen to the naysayers and this time next year, well, we'll leave you to think about the enviable position that you may find yourself in.

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Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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