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If college football bets is your thing you could do a lot worse than investigate what we have to offer at because it would be fair to say that we are the number one sportsbook when it comes to this kind of betting. There is no doubt that you are asking why we

As you are probably aware there are hundreds, if not thousands of sportsbooks who are all interested in taking on new customers but not all sportsbooks have been created equal. In our opinion there are only a small number that can honestly say, with hand on heart that they have the best interests of their customers as their number one concern and by saying that we are referring to offering generous odds and regular bonuses which don't have ridiculous terms and conditions attached to them.

Let's start with the bonuses that we offer to our customers, most sportsbooks offer sign up bonuses, there is little doubt about that but when it comes to their existing clients they always seem to miss out big time. At though we know that without our existing customers we wouldn't get very far at all so with that in mind we are able to offer bonuses for every deposit that is made. We started doing this some time ago and our competitors were of the belief that we wouldn't be able to keep it up but as it happens we have gone from strength to strength so it looks like we were right.

A common problem with the vast majority of online sportsbooks is that they have a massive turnover of clients and when you stop and think about it for one minute, it is really not very surprising at all. Perhaps if they looked after their existing clients a bit betters instead of putting all of their effort into getting new ones it would be a different story.

Ok, we were going off topic a little there but let’s get back to the subject of the odds that we are able to offer for college football bets. You will find that the college football bets odds that we have on display at our website are always amongst the most generous in the industry, always have been and always will be. We would much rather operate our business on a high volume of bets as opposed to making more money out of tighter odds and because of the odds that we offer, our volume can certainly be described high.

To back these high volumes of bets up we also have in place a stable and robust betting platform which means that our website does not slow down or have trouble in accepting bets during busy periods so our customers can simply get on with the job in hand and concentrating on winning money instead of worrying if the sportsbook that they are using is reliable or not.

Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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