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The interest in college football betting has always been enormous and if push came to shove we would have to say that the demand in this type of betting is if anything, increasing. So many ordinary people are starting to realize that it is actually possible to earn good money from college football betting and as word gets round very quickly we are seeing more and more people joining up with in order to take advantage of the college football betting opportunities that we have to offer.

If you are asking yourself why is such a good choice regarding who to do business with there really are numerous reasons with one of the main reasons being that as we have been around since 1997 there isn't anything that we don't know about college football betting and how to give our highly valued customers the best possible betting experience.

As an aside, did you realize that since our inception, not only have we never failed to pay out to any of our winning customers but we have never even been late with a payment, how many other sportsbooks are able to say that, not many, we can tell you!

Ok, onto the website, we use a remarkably stable and robust betting platform which ensures that we never have any problems accepting bets, even at the busiest of times. How many times have you tried to get involved with college football betting just before the game starts only to find that your bet is not accepted or the website simply crashes? It's not really what the average bettor is looking for is it but we can assure you that all our customers are in safe hands when placing a bet, no matter how close the start of the game is.

Talking about being in safe hands, our banking facilities are also the best in the business, all deposits are made in a secure environment and we are pleased to be able to say that we have the best acceptance rate for deposits in the entire industry so it is possible to make a deposit and then be placing a bet only a short time later.

When it comes to college football betting at the betting interface that we employ makes finding your bets as simple as possible. Many online sportsbooks try and tempt the user with other betting opportunities whilst they are trying to make a bet, a bit like being in supermarket really but the way that we look at it is that our customers need to be treated like responsible adults rather than being sold to at any given opportunity.

Well, there you have it, we believe is hands down your best option for your college football betting needs and it looks like many of our customers are in full agreement so if you haven't yet got an account, visit our website and take a further look at what we have to offer.

Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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