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FAQ: Hollywood Sportsbook Answers

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Laws regarding the taxation of wagering winnings depend on the jurisdiction in which you reside. Hollywood Sportsbook will not provide details of individual's net proceeds or losses. It is up to the individual to declare them to the proper authorities. At Hollywood Sports all customer information is kept highly confidential and is not disclosed to any third parties or public agencies.

How old do I have to be to play in the Sportsbook or Casino?

No one under the age of 18 years will be allowed to play for real money.

Why am I having trouble logging into the Casino or Sportsbook?

We are constantly working to improve our website and our customer’s experience here at Though we strive to make our service compatible with as many platforms as possible some older browsers might have problems loading our content correctly. We advise you use the latest version of your browser and keep it updated to avoid any issues.

If you experience any problems while using our website please try the following as they will most likely take care of them:

    Force the browser to refresh the page with CTRL + F5.

    Sometimes due to connection errors and other similar issues the browser might not load the content of a website correctly. By forcing the browser to re-load the website from scratch these errors will disappear. Please hold the Control key (labeled Ctrl on most keyboards) and press the F5 key as this is the command most browsers use to force a refresh of the website being displayed.

    Deleting your browser's history and cookies.

    Most browsers are set to store the contents of the websites you visit and load from the information stored locally rather than downloading it once more when you visit it again to save time. If the contents of our site change and the browser does not recognize the difference between the old and new information this might lead to errors. By deleting your browser’s History and Cookies you will eliminate the source of the problem and the browser will load the contact properly directly from the server. Detailed instructions on how to do this for all major browsers can be found at:'s-Cache

    Installing a new browser.

    Though we are set to work on most major browsers available, sometimes the local configuration of your machine might not be ideal for displaying our website. If the above advises do not take care of your issue we advise you try a different browser. The most popular and compatible browsers available now are Internet Explorer‚ Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. You can find these at the following links:

Why am I having trouble using my VISA credit card?

If you are having trouble making a deposit online using your Visa card, simply call us at 800-220-0002. Many banks refuse to allow charges to online gaming entities due to the higher than average rate of fraud. As part of the world’s largest online gaming family, Hollywood Sportsbook has an AAA credit rating and is able to process and approve most credit card transactions. If an online attempt fails, we should be able to process your card over the phone.

Is it safe to use my Credit Card?

Yes, e-cash transactions at Hollywood Sportsbook are safe. Our third party processing services, safely handle all of our credit card transactions using the most secure and trusted encryption programs available.

Our processors are companies registered and regulated by Visa International to accept and process financial transactions on behalf of its clients. Every credit card purchase you make is backed by the Web Players Safe Transaction Guarantee. We guarantee that every transaction you make with Web Players will be 100% safe.

Is all my personal information secure?

Our customer’s security and privacy are our topmost concern. uses top-of-the-line encryption and complementary technologies to keep all your information safe not only when processing your credit card transactions but on every step of the way. Access to this information is kept as limited as possible even within our facilities where no unauthorized party can have access to it. We believe your gaming experience should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible and we constantly work to keep it that way.

How does Hollywood Sportsbook protect my privacy?

Our Sportsbook and database servers are contained in a state of the art data center which contains automated power transfer facilities and sophisticated natural disaster prevention security, including:

  • State of the art fire suppression system.
  • All servers are attached to redundant UPS (DC power) backup system. This is further bolstered by an on-site diesel backup generator which can run our systems for up to ten days during catastrophic power outages.
  • Our servers consist of high end Sun Solaris Enterprise machines, with raid storage systems and multiple high speed CPUs. In addition to hardware redundancy, all our systems are backed up nightly, with a copy of the tape backup stored off site.
  • 24/7 live network monitoring by both skilled network administrators and sophisticated network monitoring programs.
  • For added security and reliability, our web-sites and customer interface are hosted on redundant servers in both North America and Europe.

Due to the nature of computer security, the exact specifications of our intruder detection and prevention system cannot be disclosed. However, our security system has multiple defense layers, including both hardware and software detection units, a firewall, and live network monitoring by both humans and custom designed monitoring scripts.

Is gambling on the Internet legal?

Every region throughout the world has different laws, and they change from time to time, so we can't really answer that question. To be sure, you should contact your local legal representative to answer any of your questions.


Can I Get Technical Help?

One of Hollywood Sportsbook's top priorities is to make sure that our members are well looked after. We offer 24 hour technical support, 7 days a week. If you are having any technical problems, please contact us toll-free:

What do I need to play on Hollywood Sportsbook?

To enter the Sportsbook, you need an Internet connection and a browser that supports frames. To play the casino games, you must have a browser that supports JAVA.

Hollywood Sports recommends Internet Explorer‚ Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome. You can find these at the following links:

What do I do if I get disconnected?

If you happen to be in the middle of a game and you get disconnected for some reason, there is no need to panic. The exact state of your game will have been saved, so when you return to Hollywood Sportsbook . you can continue exactly from where you left off.

I can't get past a firewall.

Many people connect at work using their network, some of which contain firewalls. The port number is 40069.

The game froze, what do I do?

Like many other popular software programs, our JAVA casino games may freeze from time to time. Please be patient. If the game does not start again you may safely end the operation through Windows Task Manager. To launch Task Manager, press CTRL-ALT-DEL and then end the casino task. Your game will be held in a suspended state until you logon again. The game will not go on playing without you.

How are the odds created for the casino games?

The odds for both real money and playing for fun modes are created by a random number generator which resides on our server. For all card-based games, the deck or decks of cards are shuffled prior to each hand being dealt. These odds are audited by a third party to ensure they are being created in a fair and random manner.
All odds of the casino are in conformity with the rules of Las Vegas, except where outlined in the help files.

How do you prove your random number generator is unbiased?

Our gaming software carries an official Certificate of RNG Evaluation from Technical Systems Testing (TST), an internationally recognized and respected Accredited Testing Facility (ATF). TST has been working with industry operators, suppliers, manufacturers and regulators to ensure that gaming products operate in a manner that is fair, secure and auditable, and that they comply with some of the world's most stringent and comprehensive legislative and regulatory requirements.

Can Hollywood Sportsbook benefit from a biased random number generator?

No. We can not benefit from a biased generator. If there was a bias, customers would have the ability to see patterns and trends and use it to their advantage. Our generator is absolutely random and thus fair for both player and the house.

Can there be bugs in the software and what if I lose money as a result of a bug?

While highly unlikely, we can’t entirely dismiss the possibility. If you do come across a problem or if you have any concern about the rules, implementation, or consistency of any game at Hollywood Sportsbook, please let us know as soon as possible: we have 24 hour phone and e-mail support. If the problem cannot be immediately solved, the case will be investigated using the game logs and if something is found to be wrong, our development team will assess the problem and fix it.

If you lose money as a result of a bug, an investigation will commence as soon as we are notified, and if our results show that there was a problem, the money you lost because of it will be refunded as quickly as possible.    |   where the ACTION'S at

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