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When betting on sports, the time really should be taken in order to find a sportsbook which will give you only the very best possible experience. The time spent doing this will save a lot of tears further down the line and it will also mean that you will be able to concentrate on making money from your gambling activities as opposed to worrying about how safe your money is with the sportsbook that you have chosen.

The big question is though, when betting on sports which sportsbook do you choose, after all, most of them look the part with attractive sign up bonuses and promises that they are in fact the very best within the betting on sports industry.

For a start, if you are prepared to dig a little deeper it will become apparent that not all sportsbooks are the same with some of them being as dodgy as it is possible to get. The less reputable ones will happily take your money and offer you a massive bonus for doing so but when you look at the wagering requirements that are attached to these bonuses you will see that they are more or less worthless. What's more, if you do defeat the odds and actually manage to make a profit from the bonus, withdrawing it will bring with it lots more problems and every excuse in the book as to why you will have to wait just that little while longer in order to get your money.

At we are proud to be able to say that since 1997 when we began offering a betting on sports service, we have never been late with a payment, that is something that very few sportsbooks could say with their hand on hearts and we hope that a fact such as that gives some indication as to what we are all about.

A mention should also be made with regards to the odds that are on offer, many sportsbooks will offer attractive odds but when it actually comes to accepting bets on those odds, well, basically you have no chance. We have been told many times of sportsbooks who offer the best market odds on a particular event but when it comes to placing a medium size bet, the bet is passed onto the traders who instantly refuse it and the odds that are then offered are instead of being the best in the industry, the worst.

Anyone who is interested in betting on sports with us will soon realize that we always put the needs of our customers first, we don't take them for granted and we don't assume that they will always bet with us. We are under no illusions that it is us who have to keep on proving tat we are the best place online for betting on sports and you can be assured that will never stop trying to raise the bar in terms of offering a service to our customers which is almost impossible to beat.

Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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