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A question that we are always asked at is from people who are wondering if it is in fact possible to actually not only make a profit from online sports betting but to go on and make a living from it. Well, even though we are not allowed to reveal any actual details about our individual customers it would be safe to say that more of them than you can probably imagine are making the kind of money which many people would equate to be more than the average wage, in fact in many cases, far more than the average wage.

Some of the sportsbooks out there will close down a customer’s account as soon as they are seen to be successful but we are slightly different in that we realize that professional bettors are all part of the business and bearing that in mind, we open them with open arms.

Don't get the wrong end of the stick here though because recreational bettors are also made more than welcome at, in fact we would go as far as to say that they won't find a bettor sportsbook than us. We often here about sportsbooks who don't like bettors who only make small bets which we would have to say is absolutely ridiculous.

Some people feel the need to have lots of online sports betting accounts for one reason or another but we are feel that our customers have everything that they could possibly need with us. Obviously we would say that wouldn't we but we welcome anyone to have a look around to see what we have to offer and it won't take much to realize that we definitely practice what we preach.

At you will find odds that are incredibly hard to neat, across all sports, a betting platform which is the best in the industry and a banking areas which can boast the highest number of approved deposits than all of our competitors.

Top that all off with a customer services team which put many other sportsbooks to shame with their superior knowledge and helpful attitude which means that no question is to stupid and it doesn't matter one bit how long it takes for you to finally 'get it' have often been described as the successful bettors guilty secret because whilst other bettors are experiencing all kinds of problems with their sportsbook, our customers are quietly going about their business and realizing that their decision to carry out their online sports betting with us is one of the best decisions that they have ever made and that is certainly saying something, don't you think?

If you haven't already go an account with us, what are you waiting for, come and join us and you will experience a level of attention and quality that you probably never thought was possible when it comes to online sports betting. And you will wonder why it took you so loge to get a piece of the experience.

Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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