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Newcomers to online betting could quite easily forgiven for being overwhelmed and confused by the massive array of MLB betting odds that on display at any one of the many sportsbooks that are out there. It could be said that every sportsbook in the industry would love people to place bets with them, but on looking deeper into the odds that are on offer it looks like most of them could be far less stingy in their attempts to gain your business.

Here at we made the decision along time ago to not go down the route of taking our existing customers for granted, it seems to be too common these days for all of the attention to be put on getting new customers in the form of bonuses etc but when it comes to the existing customers, well. Let's just say that if we were those customers we wouldn't be very happy at all..

When we say we, we are talking about and the reputation that we have established when it comes to MLB betting is due to always putting our customers before anything else. For instance, how many times have you tried to get in contact with the customer support at the sportbook that you are using at the moment only to find that it takes them an age to get back to you, that is if they bother to get back to you at all.

How many times have you logged into your sports betting account with the aim of doing some MLB betting only to believe that there must have been some mistake regarding the odds that are being displayed because they are so poor, only to find that there has been no mistake at all, these are the odds that are being offered.

In our opinion the treatment of existing customers should be investigated by the industry regulators but we have found that the best thing to do is for us to do what we believe is best for OUR customers and that is to treat them well and not take them for granted.

We also believe that talk is cheap so if you are looking at MLB betting why not come and look at what we are doing at Holly and you will see for yourself that we really are different. Apart from MLB betting there is also a casino and poker room should that be something that you are interested in but our way of doing things goes right across the board, every aspect of the aims to give our customers a better experience and one which will mean that they will stay with us for a very long tie to come. Opening an account is simplicity itself so why not give us a try and experience an online sportsbook just as it should be.

Written by: Hollywood Sportsbook

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