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Let us tell you a story, a story that is purely fictional but one that we have heard of in real life, time and time again from customers who have joined up with us after having had terrible experiences with other sportsbooks.

Ok, John has been thinking for some time about getting a little more serious with his online betting activities, he has been studying the odds on NBA and feels that he has the knowledge to be able to make a decent profit on a monthly basis, so much so that he chooses an online sportsbook and makes quite a large deposit, large for John anyway. He goes about the whole project in a highly professional manner, keeps records of all his bets, makes sure that he is in the right frame of mind when it comes to taking on the odds on NBA, everything is looking good.

About a month down the line, after a someway shaky start, John is starting to make real headway and is able to identify when odds on NBA are out of line and bets accordingly, he wins some and he loses some but knows that if he carries on betting in this way, value is on his side and over the long run, he will end up winning.

He took advantage of the sign up bonus that his sportsbook offered and after around two months he was able to withdraw his original deposit and bet entirely with his profits. This is when he noticed a few things that caused him to worry slightly, he started to receive a few spam emails to the email account that he used for his sportsbook account, everybody receive spam from time to time you may be saying, but John used this email only for this sportsbook, don't forget, he was highly organized.

Another thing that didn't really sit very easily with him was that he tried to get hold of customer services two or three times, by email and by telephone but there was never an answer. He also started to notice that higher and higher bonuses were being offered tom new customers, something was very wrong but luckily for John he saw sense and was able to withdraw his balance, even though it did take three weeks!

Not long after this it became clear that after offering extremely generous odds on NBA, the sportsbook in question was shut down, with many thousands of customers losing money, John was able to look back with relief but that was obviously not the case for everyone.

So the moral of this story really is quite simple, before you get involved with an online sportsbook, carry out some back ground checks first, at we have never failed to make a payment to any of our customers, heck, we have never even been late with a payment, so it would be fair to say that if you are looking for a sportsbook which is head and shoulders above the rest.....

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