MTT Leaderboard

It's time to find out who the best Multi-table Tournament (MTT) players are here at The HollywoodSportsBook MTT leaderboard will track your play and award you points for every MTT that you participate in. At the end of the month the Top 100 ranked MTT players will be invited to play in the month end Leaderboard Grand Final.

What You Can Win: Bragging rights and a shot at fame and fortune. The winner of the Leaderboard Grand Final will receive a Live Tournament seat prize package worth up to $15,000. The prize package will include buy-in, travel & accommodation.

How It Works: For every MTT you play you'll receive points based on a scaled formula (see below). Tournaments with more players and bigger buy-ins will award more points than those with few players and cheaper entries. Only your top 25 results for the month will count towards your leaderboard score. The kicker, your starting chip stack in this Grand Final will be based on your final leaderboard score.

MTT Leaderboard Formula
Multi table Poker Tournament Formula


Average Buy-in cost for tournament (max 100, fee NOT included)
Buy-in for R/A tournaments = prizepool / (Entrants + Rebuys + Addons)

Entrants: total number of tournament participants (max 250)
Position: final placing

Final Table Bonus Multiplier
Placing FT Bonus Placing FT Bonus Placing FT Bonus
1st 1.5 6th 1.35 11th-20th 1.1
2nd 1.45 7th 1.35 21+ 1
3rd 1.45 8th 1.3
4th 1.4 9th 1.3
5th 1.4 10th 1.25

MTT Leaderboard Terms & Conditions

  1. All players must adhere to standard rules and practices of an individual poker tournament. This includes but is not limited to colluding with other players to gain an advantage otherwise unattainable by single players, and leaderboard points earnings. Any player found to be abusing such practices will be ineligible for promotional prizes and may have their account closed.
  2. Team play is strictly prohibited by HollywoodSportsBook. Multiple players who are using the same account will have their points forfeited and, at the sole discretion of HollywoodSportsBook, may have their accounts closed.
  3. The use of artificial intelligence, such as "Bots" is strictly prohibited in connection with HollywoodSportsBook All tournament game play must be executed personally by players through the client interface. You agree that Play Aces may take steps to detect and prevent the use of prohibited EPA programs.
  4. All In Or Fold (AIOF) tournaments and Double Up tournaments will not count towards the leaderboard. Tournaments with less than 20 players will not count towards the leaderboard. If there are more than 250 entrants in a tournament, the points calculation will only take into account a capped value of 250 entrants.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, all MTT Grand Final which award seats to Live Events will be No Limit Hold'em .
  6. All entrants must be 18 years of age to participate at Live Seat Events, unless the seat awarded is to a Live Event based in the United States.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, all entrants must be 21 years of age to participate in Live Seat Events, when the event is based in the United States.
  8. By participating in MTT Leaderboard promotion where a live seat is awarded on HollywoodSportsBook you grant HollywoodSportsBook the right to use your name and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  9. By participating in any MTT Grand Final on HollywoodSportsBook, you agree to wear clothing with the HollywoodSportsBook logo (provided by HollywoodSportsBook) throughout the live seat event.
  10. You may be required to sign a waiver for the hosting venue (such as a casino or card room) and may be required to sign a waiver for a media sponsor (such as the World Poker Tour). If you choose not to sign those waivers, you will not be permitted to play in the Live Event and no compensation or refund from HollywoodSportsBook.
  11. During Live Events, HollywoodSportsBook players will be required to follow all tournament rules (as determined and enforced by the host venue). HollywoodSportsBook will not provide any refunds or compensation if you are penalized or disqualified.
  12. Live seat prize packages are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. If the winner of a seat to a Live Event cannot accept or make use of the package, for whatever reason, the package shall be awarded to the next highest place finisher or HollywoodSportsBook management shall decide the outcome at their sole discretion. HollywoodSportsBook management's decision is final and not liable to legal action of any kind.
  13. If the winner of a seat to a Live Event wins additional seats, they may not be sold or transferred.
  14. Should an ineligible player win a live seat, the next eligible player will be awarded the package.
  15. Play Aces shall in no way be liable for any injuries, losses, damages or expenses suffered or incurred by the winner of a Live Seat as a direct or indirect result of accepting the Live Seat package.
  16. By participating in MTT Grand Finals you agree that it is your responsibility to redeem the corresponding MTT Grand Final entry coupon by the announced date. Failure to do so will result in the coupon being expired without any further compensation or refund to be provided by HollywoodSportsBook.
  17. HollywoodSportsBook cannot advise on the tax position of winners, as this can vary between governing jurisdictions. If the winning's are taxable in a player's jurisdiction, the player is solely responsible to account for and report all winnings to the appropriate authorities.
  18. The person whose name appears on the HollywoodSportsBook account which wins a Live Seat will be deemed to be the person who played and won the MTT Grand Final, and that person must attend and play in the Live Event.
  19. Play Aces reserves the right to make changes and/or alterations to any or all the conditions (entry requirements) for MTT Grand Finals at any time, without notice. We recommend you visit these live seat tournament pages regularly. Through continued use of this of this site and its products/services, you accept any modifications to our promotions, including dates, times and entry requirements.
  20. All players must meet HollywoodSportsBook's Terms & Conditions, and HollywoodSportsBook reserves the right to modify these rules at any time, and for any reason, at its sole discretion.
  21. A Breach of the Terms will result in instant removal from the Promotion. In case of any disputes regarding any terms or conditions of this promotion, the decision of MergeGaming's management is final.    |   where the ACTION'S at

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