GENERAL INFO Names Wheelchair Bound Paraplegic Thief Detainer as Its Latest “Gambler of the Week”

Canadian convenience store would-be thief is taken down by wheelchair bound customer and arrested

San Jose, Costa Rica, November 16th, 2010.., a leading online gaming entertainment site since 1997 has named paralyzed Canadian Larry Skopnik, who subdued a would be thief with an amazing headlock while tackling him to the ground and holding him until the cops come, as its latest “Gambler of the Week”

Robert Evans, Hollywood’s Director of Operations says “Skopnik is truly a hero. Here’s a guy bound to a wheelchair who takes a big gamble with his life actually, by coming to the aid of a helpless female store clerk who is being threatened and assaulted by a 2 bit punk.”

The would-be thief got upset after shop keeper Cindy Grewal refused a $50 bill that appeared to be counterfeit. “He then started using filthy language and said, 'Give me the money back,'" Grewal said. "And I said, 'No, let the police come in and you can have it then.' And after that he said, 'I'm going to rob you.'"

Then Skopnik, who has no use of his legs due to an ATV accident 10 years ago, rolled over to the culprit doing the Hulk Hogan like take down.

Evans further says the best part is that it is all caught on video so there is no dispute as to this guy’s risky heroics.
Several other customers did step in also but did not really do much.

“I’m actually embarrassed for them.” Evans adds.. “One man had a ‘Wet Floor” sign in his hand but barely used it on the guy while Skopnik was wrestling with the thief all over the floor after falling out of his chair and still subdued the man while the others basically stood around and watched till Skopnik had the man totally subdued. Only then did they decide to get involved while Grewal called 911. “Heroics for sure” Evans adds.

Skopnik  said he doesn't think of himself as disabled.

"Just because I'm in a chair doesn't mean I can't stand up and do what's right, even though I can't stand up," he said. "It's all about doing the right thing." Skopnik states.

“Well said I‘d say..In fact the guys’ name even sounds heroic. “Larry Skopnik” sounds like the perfect name to use for Bruce Willis’ next action flick!” concludes Evans.

Nicki Smith, Hollywood’s Public Relations Director, says, “For being named Hollywood’s “Gambler of the Week” Mr. Skopnik will receive a $500 wagering account to use as he wishes for which we hope he runs it up so he can get those new bionic legs I saw on CNN as one of the 50 most amazing products of 2010 which actually helps paraplegics walk again.

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