GENERAL INFO Chooses “Delinquent Pizza Lovin’ Dentist” as Its Latest “Gambler of the Week”

Michigan millionaire dentist uses stolen credit card to buy $40 in pizza

San Jose, Costa Rica, March 16th, 2011,, ( a leading online entertainment gaming site since 1997, today announced that it has chosen East Lansing area dentist Dr. Richard Ludwig, 54, as its latest “Gambler of the Week” for taking a very bad gamble of using someone else’s credit card which he found and used  to buy $40 worth of pizza while visiting Polk County Florida for his sons baseball tournament.

Robert Evans, Hollywood’s Director of Operations says “WTF?….Here’s a successful guy worth between 3-4 million dollars, highly educated, probably doing good deeds throughout Michigan, but he comes to Florida for his son’s baseball game and stoops to common criminal levels by using a lost credit card he finds in a parking lot, thereby gambling with his dental career and reputation all for 2 large pizzas with extra olives…Can he be that cheap? ……Or just stupid?”

The victim, Harrun Majeed, a military veteran from Davenport Fl, realized he lost his credit card when he got home from the supermarket and immediately called to cancel it.…… But it was too late...the devious dentist had already struck.  Majeed called the cops who acted quickly and found Ludwig still at the crime scene still anxiously awaiting delivery of his purloined pepperoni pies  and was arrested.

Ludwig was charged with credit card theft, forgery and impersonating and use of an ID of another. Police asked if he was having financial difficulties for him to do something like this when Ludwig laughed and said “absolutely not… I am worth 3-4 million”

Evans continues… look I love pizza more than anybody… I am Italian and grew up eating pizza 3 times a week…not Pizza Hut or Dominoes…Homemade….. so I never needed to steal one or steal money from my mom’s purse to buy pizza and beer at The Big Cheese Pizzeria in Cranston, R.I….Ok, that part is true…I did that…. But I was 16, and trying to impress the ladies…... This guy did it just because he is an arrogant jackass.” He could have easily been a hero to Mr. Majeed by turning the card in…but nope…he chose to be a punk and will now pay the consequences.
 Arresting officer Sheriff Grady Judd says “I've been in law enforcement for a long time, but this one takes the cake. This is the epitome of arrogance. Dr. Ludwig appears to be an intelligent, successful person who could have bought pizza for everyone in Davenport, but instead, he risked his career to steal from a military veteran."

For being chosen as our “Gambler of the Week,” Hollywood is reluctantly awarding Mr. Ludwig with a $500 wagering account even though we detest what he did, but we hope he can run up to thousands in order to buy pizza for everybody in Davenport as the sheriff suggests and make a matching donation to the local Little League says Ms. Nicki Smith, Hollywood’s Public Relations manager.

Additionally Hollywood has a special promotion in spite of Mr. Ludwig.  Sign up and make a deposit with them and they will give you an extra 20% Free Cash Bonus to use on their site using promo code GOW20A. Just please don’t use a stolen card!    |   where the ACTION'S at

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